Ukraine - it`s a country of beautiful nature, where there are mountains, forests, endless steppes and vast ponds. A country with a rich cultural and historical heritage from the ancient Scythians, and the first Slavs to the Enlightenment and of our present. The country with a huge business and industrial potential, ready to develop and profitable to cooperate with all stakeholders here and now. Learn about the popular tourist routes, places rich in history and institutions that are open to cooperation.
Our country - the birthplace of many scientists, art and culture figures. Our writers, artists, singers, engineers, doctors, athletes, politicians and many other leaders of the past and present are known all over the world. A modern Ukrainian nation is famous for qualities such as hospitality, kindness, practicality and ingenuity. Get to know the people in Ukraine - from ancient times to the present day; with individuals who have already made history and those who are building a new future now.
Modern Ukraine is active living country, evolving and being in constant motion, providing its citizens and visitors excellent opportunities for leisure and business. Learn about the most relevant events and activities - cultural, business, political and social - not to miss anything important and interesting!
Important information
Useful tips for first time visitors or visitors, that want to plan ahead and think about their ukrainian journey: the rules of entry, security, mobile communication and the exchange of money, calendar of events and festivals, current weather forecast, interesting facts about our country and much more.

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