One of the key areas of Ukraine Your Way work is to organize and support business. Our clients are entrepreneurs who do not like to waste time and tend to insure themselves against possible mistakes. With Ukraine Your Way entrepreneurs from all over the world get a reliable partner to implement their business ideas in Ukraine.

Ukraine Your Way provides services in all stages of business activity - from drafting a business plan and company registration to direct launching and further business development. We hold consultations to help understand legal peculiarities of doing business in Ukraine; we help organize business process so that the company could start its operating and economic activity as soon as possible. We know perfectly the laws and rules of work on the Ukrainian market, which allows our customers to avoid minor and serious errors, which may prevent their further success.

You can involve Ukraine Your Way in the organizational process at any stage or entrust us with the organization of the company work from scratch and its further support. We take care of all legal, financial and organizational aspects of the company work, we also help to purchase or rent property, hire staff and organize the work of all departments; we protect the interests of our clients in banks, customs, State Fiscal Service and other executory authorities. Professionalism, efficiency and integrity along with the experience and competence of our employees will enable you to avoid needless risks and save your precious time.

Many consider Ukraine as an ideal destination for medical tourism. The quality of service of leading clinics and medical institutions in the country are not inferior to their counterparts in Western countries, while the health care cost is significantly lower. The high professionalism of the staff and competitive pricing policy attract visitors from different countries (all over the world) to such areas as plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, laser and cellular technologies. Dentistry, implantation, prosthetics, plasma therapy are only a part of services provided by doctors of the highest category using the most innovative equipment and materials.

Many reproductive technologies that are prohibited or very expensive in other countries: surrogacy, donor reproductive program, in vitro fertilization, abortion, cryotechnology – are allowed in Ukraine. Free access to reproductive health services also promotes the development of medical tourism in the country.

Ukrainian health resorts, usually located in the most picturesque corners of the country, are very popular among foreign tourists. A trip to hot springs or balneotherapeutic health resort will help to restore and strengthen health after serious injury or illness, undergo a full medical examination and give the body a well-deserved rest.

Rehabilitation of patients with chemical and alcohol addiction or eating disorders is another demanded area of regenerative medicine. Worldwide well-known system of 12 steps is being effectively used in Ukraine, while the cost of rehabilitation programs is much lower than in America and Europe.

One of the world’s four most efficient methods of rehabilitation of people with cerebral palsy is represented in Ukraine. Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System is a highly effective treatment for patients with cerebral palsy, osteochondrosis, consequences of traumas and organic lesions of the nervous system. The main component of the method is biomechanical correction of the spine and large joints, in combination with a complex of therapeutic measures.

Ukraine Your Way cooperates with the best health care facilities of Ukraine in both the public and private sector. Our partners use modern medical technology and provide the best possible service. We help our clients have full access to the most innovative and high-quality health services.


Ukraine is well represented on the international education market. According to the number of foreign students, Ukraine ranks 10th in the world. The quality of education in Ukraine is a serious matter: universities have to obtain a special license to educate visitors from other countries. Currently, foreigners can enter one of 240 universities. About 20% of these universities are private; the majority are state-run universities.

There are three options to study in Ukraine: full-time, part-time or distance learning. The studies might be in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages. The knowledge of the state language will expand the range of available educational programs. According to statistics from Ministry of Education, the most attractive professions for foreign students are medicine, engineering, economics, finance, social sciences and linguistics.

Ukrainian diplomas are recognized in most countries of the world. Many foreign employers have already been able to appreciate the high level of teaching as well as professional competence of students. The relatively low cost of education and living in Ukraine along with invariably high quality of educational services are additional advantages for foreign students.

Ukraine Your Way specialists will help to choose an educational institution and process the documents for joining the university. In addition to obtaining higher education in Ukraine, we offer language courses and individual study of the Ukrainian and Russian languages as well as business education MBA, ACCA DipFR, CAP / CIPA.

We are universal. Ukraine Your Way is the first and only company in Ukraine that provides a full range of services for any request in the field of B2B and B2C. You can address to Ukraine Your Way with a problem or issue of any complexity - and it does not matter whether you are in Ukraine, are planning a trip or just need help remotely, without leaving your home country. We can advise on any legal question, help with the acquisition of property or registration of documents for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship. We help to choose the staff - whether it will be a notary or a lawyer, stylist or beautician, personal bodyguard, a driver with a private car or a babysitter with whom you can safely leave your child in the evening. Our assistance can even be more personal: to find old friends or distant relatives whose contacts are lost. Ukraine Your Way performs less serious errands as well: you can entrust us with the purchase of tickets, search for gifts or flowers delivery.

Ukraine Your Way consultants know where to go for shopping and where to arrange a photo session, they will recommend a night club for relaxing with friends or a cozy cafe for a morning meeting with the partner.

And if you need services not found on our site, just email us. We are able to resolve any task.

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